Thursday, February 21, 2008

kara…I cannot tell you where I am, only that I’m out of danger. For now.

I got the images and information you emailed me. Was printing out when my dog sat at the front door, growling.

Thought the storm had spooked him, until I looked outside and saw a dark figure standing on the street. Long black coat, black hat, something in his hand. An ax, I think.

Staring. Just staring. The lightning lit his face when he looked up. Not a shred of flesh on it and black where his eyes should have been.


He tipped his hat, then came toward the house. Cleared half the distance to my door before I could get my legs to move. I got to the back door just as he pulverized the front.

I watched from the woods behind my house. I can only guess he ransacked it, searching. When I heard the roar from inside I ran.

That was 3:30 this morning and I’m still shaking.

I left it all behind. I had no choice. He’ll come again.

I believe you now. I need to think. Can’t possibly do this on our own.



Andrew said...

Hmmm. It says "Tis True. Book is here. Must find [it]fir[s]t. W[i]ll get help. So the Book of History must be in this world. Any other thoughts?

Andrew said...

sorry, the quotes should end after "will, get help."

Ben said...

Well, in answer to the actual blog post...I can help. ^.^

Mike said...

it doesnt say tis true it says it is true... not that it matters i just have OCD... :P

so why is there 7 coments on no phones and 3 on this lol...