Monday, March 3, 2008



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Thursday, February 28, 2008



It looks like our firewall got hacked last night and the system shut down. No doubt, the work of Black. But, we were able to solve the problem this morning.

For those who have not received the email yet, it is below. We need to recruit as much help as possible in our search for the Book. Time is short. I am in VA today following up on some leads. Hopefully one of them will lead me closer to Frank Miller or Stroud, both men who may not want to be found. DA

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

News release

FYI...this just came across a PR newswire. DA

Antique Book Merchant Found Dead
Second Death in Months Worries Police

FEBRUARY 27, 2008

Mark Kamenski, a Las Vegas book merchant, was found dead late Tuesday afternoon in his south side office. Officers related to the case were not able to give details regarding the investigation, though an independent source verified that the victim's body was mutilated and a note was found on the premises. The details of the note have not been released. No suspects have been named in Mr. Kamenski’s death, though police are investigating it as a homicide.
Thanks for everyone's concern for me. After a couple hours of questioning, LVPD released me. I am not being charged in the Kamenski case. My thanks to the Overseer and the legal counsel he sent to my aid. The Circle is everywhere...even in Sin City, believe it or not.

I spoke with both the Overseer and Kara late last night. We are obviously not alone in our search for the Book. Now it is an all out sprint between us and Black. One thing I know for certain: he is not working alone. But, I can't be certain who his accomplice is or what threat he/she might pose to us.

We have to move quickly, but safely. As you may already know, the Overseer thought it best to upgrade the security & monitoring software on the message boards as a precaution. You may have noticed a brief unavailability this morning.

I am en route to follow up on another lead; this time in VA. Hopefully, I'll have something to report soon.

Friends, we need many more eyes looking for the Book than we have right now. I desperately need your help. We MUST recruit more people for the Circle if we are going to succeed. We will overwhelm Black with sheer numbers, if that's what it takes. He can't be everywhere at once. But, we can with enough help.

You will be contacted soon with a mission to strengthen our ranks. There will be a reward involved, obviously. I'm asking for your help. I need your help. Once the Overseer contacts you, please respond in force. Much more may depend on this than we know.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I only have a min. Police taking me into custody for questioning. My attorney is en route.

I landed in LV @ 2:45 local and took a cab to Kamenski's place. 3:20p or so walked into his office. Still can't believe what I saw. He was already dead. His body was on a table in the middle of the room--in a kneeling position, like he was praying, hands tied behind him. Head back, mouth open. Totally unnatural position. The word "SINNER" was painted on his chest in red.

Then I saw that his eyes were...gone. No blood. They just weren't there.

A note had been rolled up and put in his mouth. I opened it. It read:

"Nothing in his life
Became him like the leaving it.
See you on the flip side, baby."

Then the police arrived. I have to go. I am safe, but it looks like I was set up. Will talk soon. DA
found kamenski dead moments ago. note in his mouth. about to talk to detective. more in a few mins. da
update from the airline...the front landing gear was slightly damaged. big deer. putting us on another flight. won't make vegas until 2:40p. da

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